Monday, December 27, 2010

Money and the Muse

Like any other fetish, money domination 
is something that different men 
have different fantasies about. 

Some men feel safer exploring their desire 
to be dominated through their wallet 
than any other way. 

It's possible to experience 
this kind of domination in an anonymous way, 
and have it have a very real effect, 
without interfering with 
other elements of ones daily life. 

It can be strangely thrilling 
to have this kind of contact 
with someone who you have a connection with, 
but also a distance from. 

Not everyone however is able to reach you on a psychological and sexual level and Dominate you, in that special way you crave. One element of being dominated often leads to arousal and excitement, which is then channeled through a process of actions that may have a strong psycho-sexual effect without consummation as sex. In money domination, people who fantasize about financial slavery are often excited by the process they go through to get the money and send it to Mistress. 
Holding the bills and then turning them into something useful for Her may be a source of extreme pleasure

It may also be a source of extreme pain, a sense of being humbled or punished, a confusing desire to be controlled or manipulated, and many other things. 

Different submissives crave this kind of experience sometimes with different focuses within their fetish, or different motivations for the experience.  


There are actually real people who are into serving a Mistress financially, if you're curious. One such submissive designed the images above. ( Thanks for sending it to Me! ) Obviously he gets enough of a thrill even thinking about being dominated through money, that he enjoys dreaming up creative ways to show it. No one would take up the time to dream up a kind of picture that says "say it with visa, or paypal, or green dot- but say it with Money!" if they didn't actually get a thrill out of the process. That says that the experience of being dominated through financial service really gives this submissive a charge on creative levels, and that the psycho-sexual element of money domination is legitimate enough to fuel the creative process for someone who is excited by it. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Misstress Needs A Reason to Smile : The Spirit of Giving

talks about the spirit of Giving 

Most people enjoy giving
it makes them happy to make someone else happy

Some people enjoy giving, even when it hurts
because it displays that someone elses happiness 
is more important to them, gives them more happiness
than hanging on too much to MONEY that could 
be put to better use. 

Better use is defined by some,
as what makes someone they admire smile,
as what makes Her have an easier life,
as what takes care of Her needs,
what provides Her little wants.


If you have a Christmas tree filled with presents underneath,
it's Money that put them there,
effective  success in the real world,
and good circumstances
that have protected your interests.
A desire to be giving motivated you to take that money and do something -
PAY for the happiness, the joyful smile
as you should
by giving 

MONEY gave you those choices.
Give your Money
and you give the rush and excitement
of giving someone else choices,
possibilities, opportunities.

It's not about the money
but it is about the money. 
Money is powerful because it is a measure of exchange,
and when given without expectation
is even more powerful
When given freely
the energy 
can only moved towards creating
something new,
something more beautiful,
in the life of the person you admire. 

and when you give to someone who understands you,
you will find that you understand yourself.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Money Domination is Sexy : Money Talks


Money is a very powerful thing.
It excites you to see money,and to know that it can allow you to make choices -but what if
you like it when others have power and control over you

what if

you enjoy serving an ideal Woman,
someone who makes your head spin who is
Smart, Sexy, Funny, and Honest enough
to know that Money excites Her

You should GIVE Her the World
GIVE til it Hurts,
GIVE increasingly more
Keep giving even when it's hard,
Knowing that it means more and more as you struggle
to make sure that She is Pleased
in every way. 

You want the excitement of knowing you will Surprise Her,
That you MUST make her happy,
and that submitting to her is your happiness

There are many kinds of submission
Many ways to please your Mistress
But one way crosses the barriers of the fantasy world of BDSM
to the life of the Woman you so long to kneel and bow before,

MONEY pays her rent.
Money lets her enjoy nice things.
Give money to someone and you give them choices,
you give them Power,
and the more power they have 
the more you will want to submit, 
to GIVE,
To show in a REAL way
how much you long to serve,
and how useful you could really be
given a chance. 

and SHE will be smiling
Her life will be better than it was,
because of something YOU did.

It will make you feel good 
to give her actual cold hard cash,
to pay 
for Her needs
for Her fun
for Her fulfillment

and have your fulfillment
in knowing you gave her Money
and enjoyed it

Giving Her money makes your daily activities
suddenly have worth again...

you KNOW you crave this....
you know that when you spend money...
when you give a beautiful, alluring Mistress your Money...
it makes you feel real submission. 
you know that your submission is REAL,
it has an effect in the real world, 
and that your financial slavery
becomes more arousing every time you do it, 
and you think about it all the time,
and you know it makes HER every bit as excited...
it makes you see how much you appreciate Her in real terms.


do you have what it takes?

Show me that you're for real.

 send a message to
with "I want to send you a gift, Mistress."
in the subject line,
so that she can consider your gift
consider changing your life
by her presence in it. 


You wouldn't be looking at this if you weren't hardwired this way.
Your release only comes when you 
the best way to serve and show submission
is to give the best symbol of power