Friday, December 24, 2010

Misstress Needs A Reason to Smile : The Spirit of Giving

talks about the spirit of Giving 

Most people enjoy giving
it makes them happy to make someone else happy

Some people enjoy giving, even when it hurts
because it displays that someone elses happiness 
is more important to them, gives them more happiness
than hanging on too much to MONEY that could 
be put to better use. 

Better use is defined by some,
as what makes someone they admire smile,
as what makes Her have an easier life,
as what takes care of Her needs,
what provides Her little wants.


If you have a Christmas tree filled with presents underneath,
it's Money that put them there,
effective  success in the real world,
and good circumstances
that have protected your interests.
A desire to be giving motivated you to take that money and do something -
PAY for the happiness, the joyful smile
as you should
by giving 

MONEY gave you those choices.
Give your Money
and you give the rush and excitement
of giving someone else choices,
possibilities, opportunities.

It's not about the money
but it is about the money. 
Money is powerful because it is a measure of exchange,
and when given without expectation
is even more powerful
When given freely
the energy 
can only moved towards creating
something new,
something more beautiful,
in the life of the person you admire. 

and when you give to someone who understands you,
you will find that you understand yourself.

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