What is FinDom?

Findom .... Financial Domination.... Financial slavery....

'Findom' is short for Financial Domination. It is a kinky fetish of it's own for some people, a particular BDSM fascination with giving money in service to a Mistress. People that are turned on by Financial Domination get excited by giving a powerful woman Money, to use as She pleases. One idea many financial submissives like is that they are serving their Mistress in a very real way, a way that crosses over the fantasy fetish play of BDSM at large, and does something real that will serve the Mistress in the REAL world. 

Roses fade. Clean floors need to be swept again and again. Money does more than that. Money gives a person more power and more choices. Sometimes you crave being a slave to the orders and needs of a powerful woman, someone who is smart, sexy, and in Control.

Sometimes you crave giving her even more power, so that she can use it to make choices in the real world with her superior intellect, so that she can take her creative ideas and fly with them. It gives you a rush that you know you can Serve in Her greater plan, you can do these small things that will make Her happy.

There are different kinds of money slavery, and different fantasies that are common to many submissive men and women who enjoy this eroticised power exchange. If you experience fantasies about giving lavish gifts and money to a woman you adore, you are not alone. If you obsess over wanting to please a special woman, go out of your way to serve her, you are simply submissive.

Not all submissives are into Money Domination,in fact, many of them don't even know it's a fetish of its own. For people that really like money domination, these fantasies may sound strangely familiar. Images and pictures of money and valuable lavish things may actually make you feel aroused, erotically charged, and excited in a way that is relieved when you submit. For a money slave, that submission is shown by giving money to a Mistress or Dominatrix.

Most people who are into money domination find the act of getting and sending the money to be highly erotic. The act of giving money has become sexualized in and of itself. It's a kind of BDSM fetish that operates more on a mental and emotional level than a psychical one, and yet provides real service in the real world, and is really hot to some people that find themselves aroused by the power of money, and the power exchange that happens when you give your Money to the Mistress you want to please.


Some people who are into Money Domination are really focused on service oriented submission. Some men who want to be dominated financially want to do it primarily to submit, to be in service of a strong minded and fascinating woman they see as superior. They consent to being subordinate to her wishes, to submitting to and following her orders, to making Her happiness a priority. If you want this sort of thing you are submissive, and there are many healthy ways to explore your fantasies and desires. Money domination is an edgy subject, but can be a very rewarding way to explore submission and Domination if you go about it with care.

If you want to submit to a Mistress in this way, there are many who will happily allow you to. I am actually very choosy and careful about those I will accept as my personal submissives. I expect respect, loyalty, real submission, intelligence, good humor, a willingness to learn, honesty, discretion, safety, and quite a few other things for my attention to be drawn to you. I will consider training good submissives who have a real interest in this. If you are interested in this fetish you should be very careful in choosing a Mistress.

For it to be a really fulfilling experience for both the Mistress and the servant, the Dominant person should have a good understanding of the psychology involved in submission and Domination in general. Part of your fantasy may involve being 'taken advantage of' but that is part of the -fantasy-. What's really going on is a consensual thing. Both the Mistress and the submissive have to communicate with each other honestly about boundaries and limitations, to find a fun way to play out the fantasy without it causing real damage to the submissive. ( There's a difference between real damage and discomfort or temporary pain. Some people get off on being a little uncomfortable for the sake of their Mistress. ) The Mistress should be able to revel in the money and the erotic power exchange in the act, but also respect the privacy and needs of the submissive involved.

In any real world sub / Dom experience, both partners should take time to develop trust and cultivate rapport. Many subs also crave humiliation, embarrassment, punishment, and pain as part of experiencing their fantasies of submission. Those elements may be necessary to satisfy the excitement of the submissive. Both parties have to be able to play in that fantasy world, while still recognizing each other as real people outside of that fantasy. It is a difficult balance to achieve in real world situations. Some of the fantasy becomes real when the slave really is scrubbing your floor or sending you money, but there is more to it than just the money for either person to be able to really feel the excitement of it.

If you want to experience this fantasy by sending me money, write and tell Me why....