Monday, December 27, 2010

Money and the Muse

Like any other fetish, money domination 
is something that different men 
have different fantasies about. 

Some men feel safer exploring their desire 
to be dominated through their wallet 
than any other way. 

It's possible to experience 
this kind of domination in an anonymous way, 
and have it have a very real effect, 
without interfering with 
other elements of ones daily life. 

It can be strangely thrilling 
to have this kind of contact 
with someone who you have a connection with, 
but also a distance from. 

Not everyone however is able to reach you on a psychological and sexual level and Dominate you, in that special way you crave. One element of being dominated often leads to arousal and excitement, which is then channeled through a process of actions that may have a strong psycho-sexual effect without consummation as sex. In money domination, people who fantasize about financial slavery are often excited by the process they go through to get the money and send it to Mistress. 
Holding the bills and then turning them into something useful for Her may be a source of extreme pleasure

It may also be a source of extreme pain, a sense of being humbled or punished, a confusing desire to be controlled or manipulated, and many other things. 

Different submissives crave this kind of experience sometimes with different focuses within their fetish, or different motivations for the experience.  


There are actually real people who are into serving a Mistress financially, if you're curious. One such submissive designed the images above. ( Thanks for sending it to Me! ) Obviously he gets enough of a thrill even thinking about being dominated through money, that he enjoys dreaming up creative ways to show it. No one would take up the time to dream up a kind of picture that says "say it with visa, or paypal, or green dot- but say it with Money!" if they didn't actually get a thrill out of the process. That says that the experience of being dominated through financial service really gives this submissive a charge on creative levels, and that the psycho-sexual element of money domination is legitimate enough to fuel the creative process for someone who is excited by it. 


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  2. 5. “When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.”